All Vivi Dupioni orders are custom orders.  Our range of styles and colors can be combined in so many different ways, that we'll need to talk to ensure that you receive the perfect result you expect!      
To place an order, please follow the below listed steps. 
For Children's Orders - Click Here
 For General Orders:

  1.  DRAFT your order.

             a.  Select your  STYLES & OPTIONS from the collections.  (Note: Brides, we can often give a discount for multiple
                  items made in the same color, so please list all of your desired items in a single order.)

             b.  Select your COLOR(S) from the silk swatch gallery.

             c.  Choose your desired SIZE & QUANTITY.  (Note: For custom clothing, measurements will be taken after the
                   order is placed.)

   2.   SUBMIT your order by calling 918-845-8656, or emailing rhondafeist@hotmail.com

   3.  CONFIRM your order.  After Vivi Dupioni has answered your questions, confirmed the quantities and details, and provided
        the complete price and estimated delivery date, you'll be asked to confirm your order in writing. (Note: no order is final until
        you've been invoiced for it, we will work with your budget.)

    4.  INVOICING & PAYMENT will occur via PayPal. 
  Contact Information:
Vivi Dupioni



Gift Certificates - Let Them Choose the Perfect Color
Choose a preset amount or contact us for a custom amount
All gift certificates include MD tax

Gift Amount Perfect For
Scarf and Flower Set
4.5 Foot Artisan Scarf
Basic, Medium Scarf


Artisan, Medium Scarf
Several smaller items

Shipping to any Continental US address
Price for accessories only.



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