Order form can be copied into Word and emailed as a file or scan to vivi@rhondafeist.com


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Vivi Dupioni Childrens Order Form  


Today’s Date________________  Wear Date_____________ Contact Name____________________________

Relationship to Child:         ___ Parent   ___Bride   ___Grandparent  ___Friend ___Other

Telephone__________________________________ Email_________________________________________________
Billing Address___________________________________________________________________________________    Child's Name_______________________________________________  Child’s Age________



Orders are not complete until payment is received.  We do not ask for payment until your order form has been approved.  Since all our work is custom, order form approval is based on our complete understanding of your order – it is expected that you will have questions and your order will probably evolve as we discuss your needs.   Please attach any photos for custom styles.  A fitting will be requested for children 5 years and older.

Payment.  We can invoice you through Pay Pal, take a personal check, or cash.   It will take a week for the personal check to clear before we start your order.

Time.  All orders need to be placed 2 months in advance.  Rush orders can be placed for an additional fee and will be ready in a month. 

Use this little space for questions or just to tell us something:






Order Details

All dresses are fully lined and include crinoline.  Price of dress style includes all details pictured on website (accessories not included).  Additional details are available in the “extras” column.  Here, you may add puff sleeves to an otherwise  sleeveless dress.





Choose color from Swatch Gallery

Accent Color








___Silk Lining








___Hong Kong Finish  $40









$    Based on extensiveness







___Edged lining    $30




__Custom  Style (price based on consult)



___Sleeves   $30 

___Puff ___Cap __Half



Boys Suit















___Bow Tie














___Ring Bearer Pillow







___Flower Headband







___Bow Headband







___Small Basket







___Large Basket







__Flower Girl Crown







__Princess Necklace







__Flower Necklace












___Hair Clip




__Twirling Ribbon



_____With Butterflies


















Extra Fabric


____  Yards

















Chest____________ Center Back __________ Biceps __________Waist___________ Hips____________

Height___________ Leg______________


Step 1: Measure the child's chest by taking a tape measure and placing it underneath the child's arm and across the chest or breastbone.

Step 2:  Measure the child's center back by taking a tape measure and placing it on the child's lower neckbone and down to the waist.

Step 3: Measure the child's biceps by taking a tape measure and placing it around the child's biceps with arm bent.

Step 4: Measure the child's height by taking a tape measure and placing it on top of the shoulder and down to the ankle where the hem will be.

Step 5: Measure the child's waist by taking a tape measure and placing around the smallest part of the child’s torso.  

Step 6:
Measure the child's hip by taking a tape measure and placing it around the largest part of the child's hips and buttocks.

Step 7: Measure the child's leg by taking a tape measure and placing it from the waist down to the ankle where the hem will be. (only for trouser orders)






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